How to be a Successful Entrepreneur

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur deals with how to: generate ideas for business; exercise good judgement; get started and manage growth; solve problems, negotiate and develop self-knowledge.


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About The Author

Helga Drummond

Helga Drummond was previously a professor of Decision Sciences at the University of Liverpool where she now teaches 'Decision Making for Entrepreneurs' to MBA students. She is the author of numerous publications.

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur explains how to improve the odds and make your own luck. It will help you to steer clear of potentially catastrophic risks and errors while spotting and exploiting good opportunities. The author addresses crucial decisions such as:

How do I recognise a good opportunity?

When should I take a risk?

When should I cut my losses?

When is the best time to sell a thriving business?

How do I know what’s best for me?

Full of fascinating real-life examples, referring to topics such as the failure of Barings bank and the success of Dyson, Dell computers and Patek Philippe, as well as business changing decisions made by companies such as Coca Cola, How to be a Successful Entrepreneur is an essential read for anyone who wants their business to be on a solid footing.